Betz Blog – March 23


Science: We added to the rockets we made.  We have also been drawing and labeling the wildflowers at our school.  (Dane) We learned about the various moon phases by using styrofoam balls and flashlights to mimic the real deal.

PE and Art

PE:  We square danced for the second time. I don’t like square dancing. (Austin)


Art: For art, we made pictures so it looked like we we staring up in a city. (Heidi)
Extra Special item: We have been making clay projects and made plates with tide pool creatures like anemones, sea stars, and jellyfish. (Dane)

History and Language Arts

History: For history we did the Bill of Rights. Also, we wrote are own personal Bill of Rights. Some had to be serious and others were silly.  A silly one that I wrote was about cats ruling the world. I love kitties. (Leeciah)
Language Art  We wrote bio poems. I made it about my dog.  (Adrian) We wrote poems about freedom and rights. (Hailey)  We’ve been learning about how to effectively use imagery and figurative language such as using; personification, similes, and metaphors

Notes from Miss Betz

Hope all went well for you and your family last week.  We have a final push through to the end of the school year, only two full months left.  Amazing that we’ve already come this far. If you can, come out to walk the campus to see all the wildflowers.  We have over 33 different varieties of wildflowers on our property.