Betz Blog – April 13


We decorated our rockets, I painted my rocket black and pink. I share one with my brother, he wanted black and I wanted pink, so we decided to do both.

We learned how to use the clinometer for our rockets.  This helped us find the angle. We did some math to find the height of the flag pole.(Austin)


Art: We had a great time at art doing self portraits where you can do half normal face and half magical face. My friends and I drew a picture of a girl named Matilda. (Hailey)
Extra special item: We glazed our ceramic plates that we made a few weeks ago, they all have sea animals. I had two sea otters, two eels, and a jellyfish. (Dane Hager)

History and Language Arts

History:  The students learned about the War of 1812 and the origin of “Star Spangled Banner”.

Language Arts:  We are writing an essay about a kid named Donovan.  Donovan is the main character in our class book called Ungifted.  (Adrian)  We read an article on if we should have zoos or not. We had to write about these opinions using evidence. I think we should not have zoos. (Leeciah)

Notes from Miss Betz

Notes from Miss Betz: We started our AR chapter book goal for the month, it is due by 4/27.  Please check in with your child as to what they are reading while helping them monitor their progress.

Next week, we’ll be doing our state testing in language arts from the 24th to the 26th.  We’ll be testing in the mornings.